48e0383bb9eb22fa829b0c5e254b6b9aOn October 1, six simple words will change our lives.

That’s when the book The Only Little Prayer You Need will be released, with a big message in these six words: “Please heal my fear-based thoughts.”

The message is simple: We need more love, less fear. That, I believe, is why the Dalai Lama agreed to write the foreword to the book, and why Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu gave it his endorsement.

To celebrate the book’s release, you have the opportunity to be part of the message, too, by submitting a short video clip that will be used in a longer video. Here’s how:

Simply shoot a 10- to 20-second clip of you saying…

• The prayer: “Please heal my fear-based thoughts.” You can say it in as many languages as you speak, and you can extend the prayer if you like. For instance, “Please heal my fear-based thoughts about climate change.” You can make it personal or universal…whatever your heart feels called to do.

• Or, if you’d rather, say something about what the world would be like if we had less fear and more love.

No special equipment is needed. You could pick up your cell phone right now, do a selfie of yourself and your message, and email it to me. That’s it.

This is a chance for people around the world to come together and be part of this universal message of joy.

Check out the instructions, below, and shoot your video clip today!

A Few Brief Video Guidelines                                          

1. Start your video clip by saying and then clearly spelling your name, followed by the city, state or municipality and country in which you live. For instance, “Jane Deer, j a n e d e e r. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.” At the end of the video, we’ll list the names and countries of all people whose footage is used.

2. We want to include the prayer in as many different languages as possible, so feel free to say it in as many different languages as you speak, but especially in your native language.

3. You can say, “Please heal my fear-based thoughts.” “Please heal my fear-based thoughts about (something you have fears about, such as the environment, war, your family, your health, education, a loved one, etc.) Or you could say something about your hope for this prayer and what it can do in your life or the world.

4. The clip should be no more than 20 seconds (not counting the time it takes to say and spell your name and location). We may edit it if needed.

5. Feel free to shoot the video in any setting, with any video camera or cell phone. If you’d like to ask others to join you and do this as a group, please do! And if you want to have some fun with it, all the better.

6. To submit your video, please email it to deb@debraengle.com (with the words Prayer Video in the subject line), or use www.dropbox.com.

7. Please submit your clip before midnight Greenwich time September 13, 2014.

8. There’s no financial compensation for the clip, but it’s a chance to be in a video that will do great things in the world. The video will be posted online after October 5, 2014.

9. Your submission constitutes permission to use the video, to edit it and to use it worldwide for any and all promotional purposes, and it releases the author of any claims against the video, the book, or the representative companies. We can’t guarantee that we’ll use every clip, but we’ll include as many as we possibly can.

Thank you!!

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