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New Course Launching in January 2024!

I’m excited to introduce a remarkable online course that I’ll be offering with Dr. Doreen Wiggins. Our collaboration began as we worked together on Doreen’s upcoming memoir, and we found a profound intersection with our beliefs in intuition and healing.

In this 12-hour live class, we’ll combine discussion, Q&A, guided meditations, journaling, and gentle movement to open up your heart and soul to a new level of living as the real and authentic you.

In our respective practices, we’ve worked with countless patients and clients whose quality of life has been affected by past emotional wounds—in many cases, pain that took place in previous generations, long before the patient was even conceived.

Those old patterns, combined with beliefs in scarcity, shame, blame and low self-worth, can rob you of the joy life has to offer.

If it seems like something in your life is missing or you feel burdened by emotional hurts from the past, this is your chance to blaze a different trail in 2024 and find true and lasting joy.

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Story of a Lifetime:

A Nine-Month Masterclass in Memoir

A well-crafted memoir rivals the dramatic impact of the greatest novels, offering adventure, obstacles, epiphanies, and a relatable character who transforms along the way.

But what elevates everyday experiences into a coherent story? And in a lifetime of endless moments and memories, where do you choose to begin?

This class is an important offering for 2024 for anyone who is serious about writing a memoir. I’m honored to co-teach it with one of my favorite authors and a member of our Story Summit faculty: Julie Cantrell.

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Study A Course in Miracles with Me! 

If you’d like to join my Tuesday/Thursday study groups for A Course in Miracles, please email me with “ACIM study groups” in the subject line, and I’ll give you the details. A new six-month session will start in January!

We can make the world new every day.

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No matter what hardships you’re facing, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and many of my readers have told me that Twenty has helped them through difficult times, because it is all about second chances and finding the joy in life.

If you haven’t read it yet, this is the perfect time. Order now from your favorite retailer.



Ever wonder where book ideas come from? Here’s the back story of Twenty, which is all about literally  following your dreams.



Great stories, powerful messages and tools for living your life with more joy. I write books to inspire you and give you hope. That’s why countless people around the world have fallen in love with these titles.



Start with the inner journey, and everything you want in life will be sweeter and more meaningful. The great news is that you don’t have to take that journey alone. I offer multiple ways to walk with you as you explore the light within.



I work internationally with beginning and experienced writers who have a desire to write books, blogs and other projects. If you want to become a better writer, finish your project, get published and make an impact on the world, I’ll help you each step of the way.

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January 17, 24, 31, Feb 7, 21, 24 

Blaze Your Own Path: Finding Your Way to Joy

In this 12-hour live class, we’ll combine science and spirituality to understand the impact of generational trauma and how you can heal it in the present and the past.

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