I remember what it was like when I was working on my first book, Grace from the Garden.

I wanted so much to have a book published. Even though I’d worked as a writer for my entire career, I longed to write from my own experience rather than reporting on others’ lives. I wanted to share a point of view, telling stories that I knew would be meaningful.

That’s why I’m delighted to mentor writers through retreats, small-group sessions and one-on-one coaching. My goal is to help you develop your own manuscripts and proposals for writing that matters.

I’m proud that this has resulted in books like…

  • All I Could Be, a powerful memoir from Miyoko Hikiji about her service in Iraq.
  • On Thundering Wings, a first-person story by Ermalou Roller about the acceptance of gay rights within the Methodist church.
  • Ethical Intelligence, the first in a series of books by Dr. John Opincar about making ethical judgments in the workplace—and in life.
  • Letting Go: The (Sometimes) Messy Art of Relinquishment, a book of essays by Jean Baker about loss and life lessons.

From helping writers determine the very seed of their idea to delivering a professionally edited and designed book, I’m here to help you and your writing thrive and flourish.

Choose from four options to get started:

1. Private coaching sessions

I’ll work with you one-on-one to develop your writing and take it to completion. I’ll give you specific, detailed instructions to polish your writing, plus all-important deadlines to keep you on track.

2. Full-day session

One-day exclusive access for moving your writing and publishing forward fast. I’ll devote an entire day to your needs, shaping the day around you.

3. Private retreat

By working with you over a period of days, I’ll help you make huge advances in your writing, manuscript or proposal. All sessions are held at our retreat-like home in the beautiful rolling hills of Madison County, just 20 minutes from West Des Moines, Iowa. This is an ideal environment for creativity and focus.

4. Manuscript review and critique

I’ll read your work and give you detailed feedback to help you move forward and take your project to completion.

To get started, contact me to set up a free 30-minute one-on-one consultation about your writing.

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