The launch of Let Your Spirit Guides Speak is just one month away!

Let Your Spirit Guides Speak cover copyI’m SO happy about the timing of this book. The world around us keeps getting noisier and more complex…which means you’re probably craving a quiet voice of wisdom and reason.

That’s what your spirit guides can give you. Clear direction about your daily decisions. A safe harbor when you’re feeling anxious or alone. A relationship you can build day by day that will make your life infinitely more peaceful and successful.

I have to admit, writing about spirit guides is a bit out of my comfort zone. Even though I’ve listened to them all my life, I haven’t said much about them publicly.

But clearly, it’s time. If you’ve been using The Only Little Prayer You Need, you’ll love this book because it turns your prayers into an ongoing conversation, with all sorts of ways to listen and learn from the spirit guides who are devoted to you.

I’m really proud of Let Your Spirit Guides Speak because it can help you in so many important ways. Watch this short video to find out how.

watch video

You can pre-order the book today. And starting September 1, it’ll be available at Barnes and Noble and your favorite independent bookstores.

Look for news—coming soon—about the book launch party, brand new workshops to help you tune into your spiritual guidance, ways you can get involved, and new products you’re going to love!

Thank you, as always, for your enthusiasm! It’s a joy and privilege connecting with you and supporting you on your journey.




5 Responses to “The launch of Let Your Spirit Guides Speak is just one month away!”

  1. Sheree Clark says:

    I am so excited to see this and watch the ripples it makes in the world. BRAVO!

  2. Robin A-C says:

    Yay!! Can’t wait!

  3. Cheryl Dawson Leach says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to reading “Let Your Spirit Guides Speak”. Update me as you can and I’ll spread the word as well!

  4. Please let me know about the launch and all the activities. not sure if this is the list I’m supposed to sign up on, but if this isn’t it, please add me!!!!
    Congratulations on another success —- I know it will be!!! All you have to do is write it~
    Keep dreaming,

  5. Nina says:

    I bought your book the only little prayer you need and enjoyed it. The title caught my attention. I loved it and have used the prayer on many occasions. I was at the book store when I saw your book let your spirit guides speak. Thank you so much for these books they have really opened my mind and heart. I have a lot of gratitude in my life and this gratitude has helped me. Your writings have also helped me.Thankyou again.

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