The Year the Turkey Refused to Cook

November 22nd, 2016

A few years ago, it was my turn to fix Thanksgiving dinner for the family. We had 15 people coming, so we’d cleaned the house, set the table and put out snacks for appetizers.

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There was just one little detail I forgot: to allow enough time for the turkey to thaw before putting it in the oven.

I’d transferred it from the freezer to the refrigerator two days before, not realizing it probably needed four.

With Bob’s help, I did all the things you’re supposed to do in a pinch. We immersed the bird in a bath, and we let it sit in the sink with water running over it. Short of taking it to a tanning booth, we did everything we could to speed up the defrosting.

But when I put it in the oven, it was still an iceberg on the inside.

Oh, well, I thought….we’ll turn up the heat, set out some more chips and play some more card games. It’ll all turn out okay.

Well, not so much.

We were supposed to eat at 6 p.m., but when we inserted the thermometer in the turkey, we could feel ice crystals where the tender roasted meat was supposed to be.

At 7:00, it still wasn’t safe to eat.

At 8:00, my niece and her young family started gathering up their things to leave, since it was close to the kids’ bedtime.

Finally, at 9 p.m., we took the beast out of the oven. Bob cut it up and microwaved the pieces so everyone could finally have a slice as they headed out the door.

Did it all turn out okay? Depends on how you look at it.

Years later, I still haven’t lived it down. It didn’t seem funny at the time, but since we’ve been laughing about it ever since, maybe I could have found some humor in the moment.

I’ve learned that three things can help when well-laid plans go haywire:

1. Take deep breaths.

2. Ask for your fear-based thoughts to be healed.

3. Ask your guides to give you comfort and a glimpse of the next step.

Then look for the light in the situation—some spark of goodness or humor. It’s always there because the light is always in you. And, really, that’s all you need to know things are going to be okay, no matter how they look in the moment.

As it turns out, Bob and I are hosting Thanksgiving again this year. But we bought a fresh turkey, not frozen.

I’m wishing you and yours a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving, filled with gratitude for all the light in your life, and all the gifts you bring to mine.

With blessings,


A Sneak Peek at Let Your Spirit Guides Speak

August 23rd, 2016

My copies of Let Your Spirit Guides Speak came this morning, which makes this one of those days that authors live for. Opening the box of author copies, holding the book in your hand for the first time—and hoping you don’t see a typo when you open to a random page—there’s always that question: What will this book do in the world?

20160823_LYSGS box

I hope it will offer you comfort, reassure you that you’re not alone, and give you some practical tools for finding guidance daily. To say thanks for your support, I want to share this short excerpt from the introduction of Let Your Spirit Guides Speak because it captures the essence of the book—why I wrote it and how it can bring more peace and abundance to your life. Enjoy!

If we can remember the unlimited spiritual guidance available to us, our problems—even the global ones—pale in comparison. Nothing is more powerful than the healing love of these spirit helpers. And when we draw on their assistance, we accelerate and amplify what’s possible for us and those around us.

There is no problem we cannot solve. But we need to ask for help from Spirit constantly—not just when we’re in crisis or we happen to remember. That means developing an ongoing relationship that’s different from how we might have thought of it before.
It’s easy to feel very alone in this world. Even in a crowd, even if you’re successful by the world’s standards, even in a marriage, even in a friendly neighborhood or busy workplace, we can feel adrift and far from home, and all our fears start chewing on us and eating us away, nibble by nibble. This makes life a struggle that it doesn’t need to be. And it prevents us from fully giving and receiving in life, limiting our ability to realize our own potential.
You have helpers standing right next to you. Introduce yourself. Ask them to introduce themselves to you. Close your eyes and let yourself feel their presence. Thank them even though you don’t know them yet.

Say yes. Be willing. And above all, believe that their help is as present and steadfast as the beating of your own heart.


The launch of Let Your Spirit Guides Speak is just one month away!

August 2nd, 2016

Let Your Spirit Guides Speak cover copyI’m SO happy about the timing of this book. The world around us keeps getting noisier and more complex…which means you’re probably craving a quiet voice of wisdom and reason.

That’s what your spirit guides can give you. Clear direction about your daily decisions. A safe harbor when you’re feeling anxious or alone. A relationship you can build day by day that will make your life infinitely more peaceful and successful.

I have to admit, writing about spirit guides is a bit out of my comfort zone. Even though I’ve listened to them all my life, I haven’t said much about them publicly.

But clearly, it’s time. If you’ve been using The Only Little Prayer You Need, you’ll love this book because it turns your prayers into an ongoing conversation, with all sorts of ways to listen and learn from the spirit guides who are devoted to you.

I’m really proud of Let Your Spirit Guides Speak because it can help you in so many important ways. Watch this short video to find out how.

watch video

You can pre-order the book today. And starting September 1, it’ll be available at Barnes and Noble and your favorite independent bookstores.

Look for news—coming soon—about the book launch party, brand new workshops to help you tune into your spiritual guidance, ways you can get involved, and new products you’re going to love!

Thank you, as always, for your enthusiasm! It’s a joy and privilege connecting with you and supporting you on your journey.