Littleness, Grandiosity and Grandeur

May 15th, 2017

If you’ve ever felt the push-pull of wanting people to pay attention to you but feeling like you’re unworthy, this video will help. It’s about a principle from A Course in Miracles that explains how we think, and why it’s sometimes so challenging to love ourselves. Enjoy!

New Podcast Series on Let Your Spirit Guides Speak

February 16th, 2017

Let Your Spirit Guides Speak podcast logo 1-27-17

I’m finally joining the world of podcasting! Thanks to Sacred Stories Media, this week is the launch of a 12-part podcast series on Let Your Spirit Guides Speak.

The podcasts will go into depth about some of the points in the book, so they’re a great way to learn more and share with others who might be interested.

Here are all the details. Enjoy!

Giving the Gift of Your True Self

January 4th, 2017

Years ago, one of my college roommates came to visit. We sat on my back porch to catch up on our lives, and she told me she’d been seeing a therapist about some early childhood issues.

One of the things her therapist told her created a miracle in her mind—a change in perception and a natural occurrence of love.

giving-the-gift-of-your-true-selfThe therapist’s words were:

“You are a precious jewel. Treat yourself that way, and teach others to treat you that way, too.”

A precious jewel. This was stunning to both of us, since we’d both been divorced and were questioning how lovable we really were. The word “precious” would never have entered our minds. But now, here we were, presented with the radical idea that we had value and were worthy of being treasured.

When I think back, I realize how easy it is to forget that truth, especially if we’re used to questioning our own worth.

But it IS truth for all of us. No matter what we think of ourselves or what we’ve been through, we are all precious jewels. Children of God. Sparks of the Divine. Worthy of giving and receiving love without question.

Our entire lives depend on remembering this one simple truth. Remembering means living with joy, confidence, generosity and forgiveness.

Forgetting means living with anxiety, fear, scarcity and guilt.

So how can we remember? READ MORE…