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The Only Little Prayer You Need

Featuring a foreword by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

“We are made to live lives of tolerance, respect and compassion. This simple yet extraordinary book gives our entire human family a tool to do so, starting today.”
—Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

The Only Little Prayer You Need: The Shortest Route to a Life of Joy, Abundance and Peace of Mind—that’s a big title for a very simple little book. But it’s a fitting title for many reasons.

We live in a world that breeds fear of countless things in our external lives: school shootings, unemployment, home foreclosures, health crises, rising prices and natural disasters, to name just a few.

We also live with countless internal fears—the ones running through our minds that we’re probably not even aware of. These are the pervasive messages like, “Your dad was right—you’ll never be a success.” Or “It’s no wonder I don’t have the relationships I want. How could anyone love me?”

Whether they’re external or internal, our fears wear us out, keeping us stuck and afraid to move forward in our lives.

That’s why the prayer in this little book is so powerful, because it addresses both external and internal fears with just six simple words:

Please heal my fear-based thoughts.

While other prayers ask for the external world to be changed and healed, this prayer asks for the healing to take place within us. Here’s an excerpt from the book that explains this important difference:

A typical prayer goes something like this: “Please help us find the money to pay our mortgage this month.” Saying the prayer may help you feel like the burden of that month’s mortgage has been lifted. But your ego—the part of you that feeds on fear—will simply seek out new financial worries to keep you awake at night. The prayer gives you temporary relief, but it doesn’t change anything in you, so your old patterns remain intact.

In contrast, asking, “Please heal my fear-based thoughts about our mortgage” also gives you a sense of relief. But instead of lifting just that burden, it relieves the need to re-create that fear and hold onto it. This prayer heals your very desire for burdens, your addiction to fear-based thoughts, freeing you to live without that fear and with greater peace of mind. As a result, your financial situation is free to improve. That’s what makes it so different.

This prayer is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles, which has millions of devoted followers around the world. Incredibly simple, it focuses on a prayer that emerged in my life after years of studying and teaching the Course.

I invite you to try using the prayer in your daily life, asking for your fear-based thoughts to be healed about specific issues or mind chatter as you go through the day. If you have results you’d like to share, please contact us.

And if your book club, study group, church or other organization would like to schedule a discussion, presentation, workshop or retreat based on The Only Little Prayer You Needcontact us.


Let Your Spirit Guides Speak

Winner of a Silver Nautilus Award, honoring “better books for a better world.”









A Q&A with author Debra Engle:

Q. How did this book come about?

A. Let Your Spirit Guides Speak is a follow-up to The Only Little Prayer You Need, which gave readers a powerful and practical tool for healing fear in their lives. That prayer opened a conversation with Spirit, and this book is all about taking that conversation further. How do you create a deep and intentional relationship with spiritual guidance that can support you every day?


Q. What is spiritual guidance? Does everyone have it?

A. Yes, I believe that everyone has a team or teams of guides—unseen helpers who are with us always to give us information, wisdom, guidance and comfort. People might call them angels or light beings. Whatever and whoever they are (and they’re different for each person), they can help us with anything from the most mundane decisions to life’s biggest challenges if we learn how to pay attention.


Q. Isn’t this a little odd?

A. People throughout the ages, of all faiths and religions, have considered themselves mystics or have talked to God directly. Today, when mainstream religion is on the decline, more and more people are opening up to developing a personal relationship with spiritual guidance. It’s actually not odd at all. I believe that, over the next decade or two, our ability to consciously build a relationship with divine wisdom will become much more widespread—and critical to our survival on this planet.


Q. How does this help people on a practical level?

A. Think what it would mean if you knew you had a best friend/counselor all rolled up into one—and you had access to their advice and wisdom 24/7. Let’s say you’re facing a decision at work and don’t know which way to go. Or you’re having financial challenges and need a different perspective. Or one of your kids is getting into trouble and you don’t know how to help them. When you have a relationship with your spiritual guidance, you can access a vast resource of help not just when you’re having a crisis, but at any moment of the day. The practical applications are endless.


Q. How do people get in touch with their spiritual guidance? Is this the same as prayer?

A. Certainly prayer is a part of it. But sometimes prayer is seen as a one-way conversation: I ask and hope that God will answer. When you build a relationship with your spiritual guidance, it’s truly a two-way communication. There are many ways to do that, which I describe in the book. But there’s nothing magical about it. You start the same way you would with another human being whom you’re meeting for the first time. You sit down and say, “Hello, I’d like to get to know you.” Then pay attention.


Q. What will readers learn from the book?

A. How to meet your guides if you haven’t already, and how to deepen that relationship even if you’ve worked with your guides for a long time. I’ve included a lot of stories and practical steps that will help any reader get started and build this relationship into one of the most important in their life. The book shows what it means to live a life guided by Spirit, so there’s a lot in it about what I’ve learned from my guides…powerful stuff that will help you approach situations in your life from a very different perspective. The main message I’ve learned is that life doesn’t have to be such a struggle or so confusing. We don’t have to feel alone, because we never are. When we remember that— and intentionally partner with Spirit every day—we really can co-create a life of peace and purpose.